Oxygen effects

The “Hyperbaric Oxygenation” or Hyperoxia is achieved through the administration of oxygen at a higher than normal atmospheric pressure.

This method causes a significant increase of the amount of oxygen diluted in the blood flow, which favors cellular metabolism and allows for the oxygen to reach the brain, cartilages, bones and tissues that, due to diverse circulatory alterations, do not receive the necessary amount of oxygen.

It helps improving control over infections and helps the rapid recovery of multiple pathologies, degenerative diseases and circulatory problems. It combines with therapies prescribed for certain pathologies, preventing severe injuries and physical deterioration produced by Hypoxia (lack of Oxygen).

Physiological effects:

Hyperoxia, combined with traditional treatments, produces a long chain of physiological effects, making the anti-inflammatory and tissue regeneration processes more effective.

These are some beneficial effects of HBOT: