Differential features of the Revitalair 430f semi-rigid Hyperbaric Chambers

Revitalair® 430F Hyperbaric Chambers are designed and manufactured to be used in medical applications. They have been created for the patient to be in a comfortable and environment, facilitating the physician’s work.

Revitalair® chambers have all the advantages of treatment offered by fixed chambers, combined with the operative simplicity and safety offered by flexible and semi rigid chambers.

These are the differential features:


Revitalair® Hyperbaric Chambers offers a wide range of medical assistance and commercial alternatives which provide the patients with the necessary tools to incorporate the treatment to their daily life.

Red Revitalair® Prevalences and Results Statistics System

With the purchase of one of the Revitalair® Chambers, you receive access to the Revitalair® physicians and operator network, from which you obtain a periodical report about hyperbaric treatment around the world, together with the results and techniques used.

This information is shared on the web, generating a synergy and providing the possibility of consulting other who use the Revitalair® chambers around the world